Metal Awnings in Fort Worth

When you’re looking for a shading solution that is an attractive addition to the exterior of your building, you can rely on metal awnings from Sharchs. We expertly design and manufacture top-quality metal awnings in Fort Worth, TX.

Metal Awnings We Produce

Metal awnings are a durable shade option that withstands extreme weather conditions, like snow, high winds and rain. The awning can be installed with a custom slope that prevents snow from accumulating on top of it and moves rainwater safely away from a building. Installation and maintenance play a role in how long the awning lasts.

Our metal awnings are shade structures that can be installed at the front entrance of businesses or outdoor seating areas. We fabricate our metal awnings in a shape and size that suits any building’s architectural style. Using quality American metals and expert engineering, we manufacture aesthetically pleasing awnings built to last.

Benefits of Installing Metal Awnings

Here are a few benefits metal awnings offer:

  • Protection: Metal awnings protect businesses from UV damage that can cause color fading. The shade structure prevents excess sunlight from entering an establishment and potentially damaging products.
  • Cost-effective: Metal awnings can be made of lightweight materials like aluminum, which are less costly than other types of awnings. The shade they produce can also result in reduced cooling costs.
  • Increased usable space: Depending on the property and the use of the awning, having a metal awning can create more outdoor space for people to use and settle in. It can be a great shelter from the sun or rain for people using the space.
  • Energy efficient: Awnings can be designed with an insulated layer that absorbs heat from direct sunlight. As a result, the area the awning covers will continue to be slightly cooler than its surroundings. The shade will enable you to use your cooling system less frequently, saving energy costs.
  • Customization: Metal awnings can be customized to suit a desired design and serve certain functions like water protection. Businesses can utilize customization to improve visibility and capture the attention of potential customers.

Why Choose Sharchs?

Awning companies, architects, metal fabricators and other industry professionals work with Sharchs because we are straightforward and keep our customers informed on every level of the process. With our custom solutions, you can expect to see your vision come to life. Our designers work closely with you to ensure your custom metal awning suits your needs.

We aim to provide exceptional products and services, which is why we have a fast turnaround time and proudly produce American metals for better quality control.

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Metal awnings have clear advantages for your business. At Sharchs, we manufacture awnings that are both appealing and functional, and we offer professional sunshade installation in Fort Worth, TX, to ensure they last for years.

If you’re looking for a custom metal awning, contact us to learn about our offerings and get a free quote.