Aluminum Sunshades

Sharchs aluminum sunshades are lightweight, versatile and cost-effective shade solutions for commercial buildings of all sizes. Get lasting enjoyment from the natural light without excess heat — robust finishing options withstand the weather and temperature extremes. We offer numerous shade styles to complement existing architecture while controlling the sun’s indoor penetration.

Types of Aluminum Sunshades

We are an industry leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of various exterior sunshades.


Cantilevered Aluminum Sunshades

Cantilevered aluminum sunshades provide doorways and windows respite from the hot rays while eliminating hanger supports for maximum application flexibility. Transform the building’s exterior by choosing different louver blades or an airfoil sunshade style.


Hanger Rod Support Aluminum Sunshades

Architectural sunshades with hanger rod suspension provide visually appealing coverage to your entryway. Choose from various finishing options that blend seamlessly with many building styles. You can also opt for a bolder look to capture attention and support your company’s branding.


Custom Aluminum Sunshades

Some projects call for a solution that’s anything but standard. Whether you have a wrap-around application or you want to change features to make an architectural statement, we can help. Our team has the design and engineering expertise to create a unique aluminum sunshade that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Vertical Aluminum Sunshades

Our vertical aluminum sunshades are growing in popularity thanks to their clean lines and modern look. Choose from straight or tilted blade profiles that follow your structure’s contours. Our team can also create these shade solutions with perforations for precise sun control in your setting.

Benefits of Sharchs Aluminum Sunshades

Our aluminum canopies offer many advantages, including:

  • Reduced building operating costs: Fewer sun rays penetrating the interior means lower utility bills. Incorporating shades into new constructions may allow for smaller HVAC systems for less capital spending.
  • Savings on window treatments: Sunshades help prevent curtains and drapes from fading prematurely and needing more frequent replacement. They can also eliminate the need for other window treatments if desired.
  • Aesthetics: Our canopies can help a building stand out with a unique exterior. Boost curb appeal and attract more attention with out various finishing options and blade profiles.
  • Environmental friendliness: A cooler interior creates less need to run air conditioning. Aluminum is also 100% recyclable.
  • Durability: Our canopies are long-lasting and corrosion-resistant. Plus, they require little maintenance.

Why Sharchs?

Our customers have made us a leading aluminum sunshade manufacturer because:

  • We’re customer service people: We know what it takes to separate a good customer experience from a great one. We also know how to create one.
  • We’re problem-solvers: Every application calls for something unique. We design and manufacture one-of-a-kind solutions for those unique projects.
  • We’re budget-friendly: We strive to provide products that fit our clients’ budgets. Our individualized attention to your needs doesn’t cost extra!
  • We’re faster: Many canopy companies offer 10-to-12-week turnarounds. At Sharchs, we strive to maintain lead times of six to eight weeks.
  • We keep our word: Customer satisfaction is always our goal. If we say we’ll do something, we follow through with it.

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