Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Custom Aluminum Sunshades

Today’s business owners choose aluminum sunshades over traditional design options because of their ability to effectively block sunlight and enhance a building’s appearance at an affordable cost. The durability and aesthetics of aluminum make it an ideal choice for property owners in climates where heat can affect a building’s structural integrity and the productivity of its occupants. Once installed, these aluminum canopy solutions offer many years of reliable service with minimal maintenance requirements.

At Sharchs Corporation, we specialize in custom aluminum sunshades, awnings and canopy systems for all building types. We work closely with architects, builders, general contractors and other professionals to develop industry-leading solutions. Our engineers have decades of combined experience helping our clients design various sizes, shapes and configurations of sunshades to meet their specific canopy installation needs.

Custom Aluminum Canopies, Commercial Awnings and Other Sunshade Solutions

When prefabricated sunshades don’t meet the specifications of a unique building project, it makes sense to choose a company that can design a fully customized system. As a canopy manufacturer, our team can implement one or several design elements from the other styles of sunshades we offer, from cantilevered sunshades to architectural louvers to hanger rod sun canopies and walkway canopies.

Aluminum offers many benefits compared to other materials, including its lighter weight and natural resistance to corrosion. Many of our sunshade solutions use louvers to provide maximum protection from the sun. We can set the blade angles specific to your region’s solar altitude, allowing your sunshade to provide maximum cooling during the warmer months and assist with heating during the cold season.

Explore our sunshade designer to explore the optimal height, infill profile, outrigger shape, nosing and fascia profile you need to create a perfect solution.

Benefits of Aluminum Sunshades

With their many practical functions and ability to enhance curb appeal, custom sunshades offer long-term value to commercial properties with minimal investment. Besides the many design possibilities, installers can mount sunshades horizontally or vertically based on the sun’s angle.

Additional benefits of aluminum sunshades include:

  • Reduced glare: Reducing the glare that enters a building creates a more productive and comfortable atmosphere for the occupants. Glare reduction also decreases the number of hot spots caused by the sun’s direct rays.
  • Increased energy efficiency: Our aluminum sunshades provide superior energy efficiency by deflecting and redirecting sunlight. By preventing direct sunlight from entering your building, you save significant money on cooling costs during the warm months.
  • Low maintenance requirements: Less vulnerability to rust and mold means your sunshade will require less maintenance and last longer than shade devices made from other materials.

Advantages of Partnering With Sharchs Corporation

Industry professionals partner with Sharchs Corporation because our sunshade products exceed expectations on every level. We are committed to providing top-class customer service through each phase of the design and fabrication processes.

We’re proud to manufacture all our products in the United States using only premium-grade materials. Local fabrication allows us to offer some of the market’s shortest lead times while ensuring each product meets our strict quality control standards.

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