Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Custom Aluminum Sunshades

Custom aluminum fabrication is one service we provide to customers looking for tailored sun control solutions. At Sharchs Corporation, we design and manufacture a wide variety of sunshades for buildings and storefronts. Using high-quality aluminum and top-grade construction, we create innovative sunshades that redefine the industry standard.

Custom vs. Prefabricated Aluminum Sunshades

When looking for architectural aluminum fabrication options, you’ve probably encountered the words “custom” and “prefabricated.” Sharchs Corporation offers both custom and prefabricated aluminum sunshades, but they differ slightly.

Custom aluminum sunshades are made-to-order pieces specifically designed and manufactured according to your preferences. Prefabricated sunshades are ready-made options available for quick installation. While prefabricated sunshades are also good quality, they are not tailored to your specifications.

Custom Aluminum Solutions From Sharchs Corporation

Sharchs Corporation specializes in sunshades, and we accept special requests to design and manufacture different custom aluminum sunshades. Some of the products we offer include:

  • Cantilevered aluminum sunshades: Great for windows and doorways, cantilevered aluminum sunshades provide protection from direct sunlight and enhance a building’s aesthetic.
  • Hanger rod-support aluminum sunshades: Hanger rod-support sunshades use posts and suspended hangers for support and stability. With this type of sunshade, you can choose from various finish options to find one that blends with your building’s style.
  • Vertical aluminum sunshades: If you prefer clean lines and a sleek overall look, opt for vertical aluminum sunshades. You can get them in straight, tilted blade profiles or with perforations. Talk to our experts about your preference.
  • Custom aluminum awnings: Aluminum awnings are lightweight and have a natural resistance to corrosion, making them ideal exterior sun control options. Awnings also give your facade a unique look.
  • Aluminum canopy systems: These overhead coverings can be custom-made to use aluminum instead of traditional fabric material. Cantilevered canopies feature an aluminum frame with parallel bars that extend horizontally.
  • Aluminum equipment screens: Equipment screens work like fences surrounding your property or outdoor equipment. These screens protect your equipment from heat and other elements and conceal them from everyone’s view.
  • Aluminum trellis systems: Aluminum trellis systems are ideal for outdoor applications. They help regulate temperature in patios, walkways and outdoor lounge areas.

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Fabrication

With their many practical functions and ability to enhance curb appeal, custom sunshades offer long-term value to commercial properties with minimal investment. Besides the many design possibilities, installers can mount sunshades horizontally or vertically based on the sun’s angle.

Some of the benefits of custom aluminum fabrication include:

  • Cost-efficiency: Aluminum is known for its durability. With custom aluminum sunshades, you can get sun control solutions that will last you for years.
  • Correct specifications: Custom aluminum fabrication ensures you get sunshades with the correct dimensions. This is extremely beneficial for buildings with unique architecture.
  • Tailored designs: With custom fabrication, you get one-of-a-kind sunshade designs that match your building’s architecture. You can consult our experts about your preference or explore our online Sunshade Designer.
  • Easy installation: Our custom sunshades are made to fit your property to perfection, making installation a breeze.

Advantages of Partnering With Sharchs Corporation

Industry professionals partner with Sharchs Corporation because our sunshade products exceed expectations on every level. We are committed to providing top-class customer service through each phase of the design and fabrication processes.

We’re proud to manufacture all our products in the United States using only premium-grade materials. Local fabrication allows us to offer some of the market’s shortest lead times while ensuring each product meets our strict quality control standards.

Contact Sharchs for Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Sharchs Corporation is your go-to for custom aluminum fabrication. Choose from a wide range of products, whether custom metal awnings, aluminum sunshades or other exterior sun control devices. With custom fabrication, you have free reign over your sunshade designs. Choose your preferred height, outrigger shape, nosing, infill and fascia, and our experts will bring your ideas to life. Contact us today to request a quote.