Aluminum Architectural Louvers

Some of the most significant energy savings in building construction and improvement projects come from adding exterior sunshades. In warmer areas and locations with variable climates, sun-shading metal louvers are the first line of defense against the sun’s penetration. These solutions work well because they provide years of reliable, efficient performance with little maintenance.

Sharchs Corporation offers a comprehensive range of aluminum louvers for sale. These commercial louvers increase a structure’s energy efficiency while enhancing its aesthetic appearance. Besides offering stock aluminum awning and metal-louvered panel designs, we can create a customized sunshade louver system specific to your structure’s unique needs and design criteria.

What Are Architectural Louvers?

Aluminum architectural louvers are lightweight sun protection systems for doorways and windows. They prevent sunlight and heat from coming indoors without sacrificing visibility. With various shapes, sizes. finish colors and spacing, architectural louvers’ design elements are highly flexible to meet a structure’s requirements. These systems are popular for many commercial facilities, including office buildings, apartment complexes, manufacturing plants, shopping outlets and schools.

Benefits of Aluminum Sunshade Louvers

Companies that offer aluminum sunshade louvers to their clients can provide benefits like:

  • Increased energy efficiency: Sun-shading louvers block direct sunlight from entering a structure’s doorways and windows, providing property owners with a practical solution for temperature regulation. Besides helping occupants stay cooler throughout the day, these systems reduce the need for air conditioning and other cooling solutions.
  • Improved appearance: Sunshade louvers are an attractive design feature with a distinctive appearance that can improve a building’s architectural aesthetic. Various blade shapes, trim profiles and blade spacings allow for an unlimited range of design possibilities.
  • Reduced glare: By controlling the amount of light that enters through a window, sunshade louvers reduce the impact of glare and create a more ambient atmosphere for occupants. Certain louver designs deliver optimal glare protection to specific sides of a building regardless of the sun’s positioning.
  • Enhanced privacy: Louvers offer commercial buildings increased privacy, providing occupants complete visibility outside while limiting how much passersby can see through a window. Custom designs with varying degrees of spacing can control visibility levels.

Advantages of Partnering With Sharchs Corporation for Sun Shading Louvers

As a commercial sunshade supplier, we work closely with all types of professionals and organizations to create industry-best solutions, from awning and roofing companies to architects and general contractors. We take pride in providing superior customer service by maintaining open communication and transparency throughout the design and manufacturing processes.

Because we manufacture all our aluminum sunshade louvers in the United States, our lead times are significantly shorter than companies that rely on overseas suppliers for parts, components and assembly. We provide your business the dedicated attention it deserves at prices that fit your budget.

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