Bahama Shutter Sunshades

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Bahama Style Sunshades

Aluminum Shades that install with support rods. These Architectural Aluminum Sun Control products offer maximum shade and install at a down slope over the window opening. There are multiple infill options to make your Oceanic Sharchs unique to your project.

Bahama Shutter Shades | Commercial Metal Shutters

Whether you’re looking to protect a building from high winds or provide some adjustable sun shade, Bahama shutters are an attractive yet economical solution. These durable storm shutters can keep the sun and elements at bay while offering aesthetics, privacy and protection in nearly all climates.

What Are Bahama Shutter Shade Solutions?

Unlike many other shutter styles, Bahama shutters have a top-hinge design. The user pushes them up and away from the window, and the shutters connect to the building with telescoping arms. The horizontal slats can block sunlight and provide privacy without completely covering the window. They even have a breezy cooling effect that’s perfect for hot climates.

Bahama shutters, sometimes called Bermuda shutters, get their name from the tropical climates for which they were originally designed. The top hinge allows them to lie flat against the building to protect the window from high winds and debris during hurricane conditions or other tropical storms. They’re popular in other climates, too, like the southern United States.

You’ll find Bahama shutter shades in many styles and materials, but aluminum typically offers the best combination of functionality and appearance. It’s lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant, making the shutters easy to open and install. It’s also long-lasting and comes in various finishes to match your building’s design.

The Benefits of Bahama Shutter Shades

Bahama shutters are a great sunshade choice that can also help with storm protection, cooling and privacy.

1. Storm Protection

Their tropical climate-inspired design makes Bahama shutters particularly effective at offering protection from high winds and debris. While traditional side-hinge shutters might fly open in a storm, these Bahama shutters press flat against the building with sturdier top hinges. If a storm is on the horizon, users just need to close their shutters instead of boarding up a window.

2. Natural Cooling Capabilities

Bahama shutters offer shade from the sun, which can help keep a building cool. They also promote air circulation for a natural, cooling breeze. By adjusting the angle of the shutter, users can control the airflow. Bahama shutters support sustainable building practices since reduced AC demands can limit energy consumption.

Although they’re popular in warm climates, you’ll find Bahama shutters everywhere. Their storm protection capabilities aren’t limited to hurricanes. Any region with strong storms can benefit from metal Bahama shutter shades, especially those that also get hot summers.

3. Privacy

The horizontal slats on Bahama shutters can provide privacy without eliminating natural lighting. The grid allows occupants to see out but keeps passersby from peering in. Bahama shutters also have some sound-dampening qualities to keep things quiet.

Custom Bahama Shutters

If you have a unique build or style to accommodate, you may need custom Bahama shutter shades. At Sharchs, our custom solutions come with short lead times and the same high quality you can expect from our standard products. We’ll fine-tune your Bahama shutters to meet precise demands for aesthetics, cooling needs, storm resistance and other factors.

Why Choose Sharchs?

At Sharchs, we blend decades of experience with premium-grade materials for commercial metal shutters that hit the mark every time. Whether you’re looking for rugged storm protection or one of the many other benefits that Bahama shades have to offer, our American-made solutions can help.

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