Exterior Sun Control Devices

Because of their many benefits to a building’s functionality and appearance, exterior sun control devices continue to grow in popularity. Roofing companies, contractors and architects recognize the value of an effective sunshade system, from reducing glare for occupants to improving a building’s energy efficiency to increasing the privacy level indoors. At Sharchs, we supply an extensive selection of high-quality exterior aluminum sunshades at competitive pricing with some of the industry’s fastest lead times.

Types of Exterior Sun Control Products We Offer

Sharchs offers a comprehensive range of aluminum sunshade design options, including:


Cantilevered Aluminum Sunshades

Cantilevered sunshades are ideal for applications that require solar reduction without compromising a building’s appearance. The cantilevered design allows flexibility for various building architectures while eliminating the need for hanger supports. This design also works well for efficiently distributing snow and wind loads.


Hanger Rod Support Aluminum Sunshades

Hanger rod-support aluminum sunshades use posts and hangers for support and stability. These designs help control the sunlight entering windows and doorways while significantly enhancing a building’s structural elements.


Custom Aluminum Sunshades

 Sharchs offers full customization capabilities for all your shading needs, including various blade styles and airfoil profiles that create a unique look. Our design team has decades of combined experience helping clients develop the most innovative, energy-efficient and sleek designs.


Vertical Aluminum Sunshades

Vertical sunshades are ideal for shading the east and west facades of a building where sun control can often be challenging. These designs are well-known for their aesthetic quality and ability to manage varying degrees of light, even when the sun is at its lowest point on the horizon.

Architectural Integration of Exterior Sunshades

Adding exterior fixtures like sunshades significantly impacts a building’s aesthetics. Sharchs collaborates with you or your architectural professional to ensure our solutions align with your appearance goals. We’ll help you customize your sunshade for seamless architectural integration and the look you want, from louver profiles to outrigger nosing and fascia options.

Aluminum Durability for Sun Control Solutions

We domestically manufacture our solutions for sun control with aluminum sourced in the United States for several reasons. Primary among them is the material’s durability — it withstands the outdoor elements, resists damage and corrosion, and offers a long life span. Other benefits of aluminum include its lighter weight, allowing you to reduce your building’s solar load without unnecessarily increasing its structural one. It’s also cost-effective, making projects more affordable while producing a good return on investment through energy savings.

Benefits of Exterior Sun Control Devices

When your business partners with Sharchs for exterior sun control solutions, you’ll experience benefits like:

  • Reduced glare: By reducing the sun’s glare, you make your building’s occupants more comfortable and productive. Glare reduction also minimizes hot spots inside a building caused by direct solar exposure.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Because sunshades block direct sunlight from entering a structure’s doorways or windows, they help regulate the temperature throughout the building. This level of control results in significantly reduced energy costs.
  • Enhanced appearance: Sunshades add the perfect touch to your building’s architecture and can substantially improve the appearance of an existing structure. An improved curb appeal allows your property to gain the attention it deserves.
  • Increased privacy: Different sunshade designs offer various degrees of transparency to maintain occupants’ views while allowing minimal visibility from the outside.

How Do Exterior Sunshades Work?

Everyone is familiar with how interior shades and blinds can control the light entering a space. Yet, they don’t generally prevent the space from becoming warmer as efficiently as exterior sunshades.

Glass intensifies the sun’s heat — the interior becomes hotter when rays hit the windows. During warmer days, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that about 76% of the sun entering a window becomes interior heat. This basic science is how greenhouses work. Exterior sun control devices limit the amount of rays that reach the glass. As a result, indoor spaces stay substantially cooler, reducing energy costs and HVAC system stress.

Our exterior aluminum sunshades also work to keep utility expenses down by lowering the need for artificial lighting. While they help prevent rays from hitting the windows, they still allow the natural ambient light to enter.

Different Options for Exterior Shading Devices

Sharchs offers multiple ways to make your sunshade as unique as the structure it benefits. Start by selecting a broader overall style from those listed above, and then customize it based on your aesthetic preferences. For example, you can choose blocked or rounded outrigger nosing and any of 10 different louver profiles for the infill.

We also provide multiple options for giving your sunshade the finishing touch. Sharchs proudly offers durable TIGER Drylac® powder coatings in over 100 RAL colors. Give your sunshade a metallic sheen and add a fine texture. Or, keep it classic and timeless with satin or matte shades that echo nearby nature. You can browse our extensive project gallery for inspiration about what’s possible.

Advantages of Choosing Sharchs Corporation

At Sharchs, we go above and beyond the typical supplier by providing industry-best design advice, engineering expertise and architectural integration for an extensive range of styles, including sun control devices tailor-made to unique applications.

Our experts take pride in helping clients evaluate projects and determine the most efficient and cost-effective solutions with fast turnarounds. Additionally, Sharchs commits to exceptional quality with premium American metals and U.S.-based manufacturing.

Find Exterior Sun Control Devices at Sharchs Today

If you’re interested in partnering with the industry’s top sun control device supplier, the experts at Sharchs Corporation can help you get started. We’ll walk you through all the options to give you a better idea of how a partnership can benefit your business. Connect with us online to learn more.