Aluminum Equipment Screens

Mechanical equipment screens, also called louvered screen panels, consist of components that create a visual barrier to keep mechanical equipment out of sight. While these screens work well for either ground or rooftop applications, they’re most prevalent for protecting heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems on commercial building roofs. The primary purpose of these screens is to improve a building’s aesthetics while protecting it from extreme weather and providing the airflow it needs to function correctly.

Sharchs Corporation offers aluminum equipment screen designs to meet the needs of a broad range of applications. Many of these designs consist of inverted horizontal louver blades made from premium-grade aluminum attached to vertical support posts, creating the exact configuration you need to conceal your equipment. We also offer full customization capabilities to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Why Do Buildings Need Mechanical Equipment Screens?

Any device that supports electricity, heating, cooling, waste management, water supply or construction is considered mechanical equipment. Examples include HVAC units, breakers, compactors, generators and compressors. Some municipalities have established building codes and impose fines if property owners do not conceal these devices from public view.

Dumpsters and other trash equipment are another common device that requires screen concealment. Regardless of local laws or regulations, louvered screen panels or curtain walls are an excellent way to enhance the look of a building’s exterior.

Types of Aluminum Equipment Screens

Many mechanical equipment screen system designs are entirely customizable to a specific application. Several examples of the most popular base styles include:

  • Solid screens: Solid equipment screens obstruct visibility and create vision barriers from every angle.
  • Semi-private screens: These designs limit visibility while providing the appropriate ventilation.
  • Alternating screens: Alternating panels ensure proper ventilation and concealment while creating a sleek, modern look.
  • Louvered screens: Louvered equipment screen systems consist of panels slightly angled to allow airflow with limited visibility.

Benefits of Rooftop Screens for HVAC Equipment

Some of the benefits mechanical equipment screens offer for rooftop or ground applications include:

  • Concealing unattractive areas on a property.
  • Protecting equipment from the impact of wind and storms.
  • Creating separation between different pieces of equipment or mechanical systems.
  • Permitting the necessary amount of sunlight and airflow.
  • Creating privacy.
  • Adding structural integrity to a specific area of a building.

Advantages of Partnering With Sharchs for Rooftop Equipment Screens

As a commercial supplier of roof equipment screens, mechanical screens and sunshade solutions, we offer industry-leading products to various types of businesses and professionals, from architects and building designers to general contractors and roofing companies. Our primary goal is to ensure you receive a product that delivers a practical, cost-effective solution. We pride ourselves on top-class customer service and complete transparency during the design and manufacturing processes.

In addition to our stock offerings, we can custom manufacture a mechanical screen system according to your specifications. Because we manufacture our components in the United States, our lead times are significantly shorter than companies that rely on overseas suppliers for parts and assembly.

Upgrade Your Building’s Exterior with Tailored Aluminum Equipment Screens

If you’re looking for a reliable mechanical screen and sunshade supplier, Sharchs Corporation is here for you. Let us show you why so many builders rely on our products for high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Contact us online to get started.