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Prefabricated Aluminum Canopies

Prefabricated Aluminum Canopies | Prefab Awnings

Aluminum canopies have a lot to offer, protecting visitors and buildings from the sun and the elements — all while providing an attractive aesthetic, durability and easy installation. Our prefabricated products allow you to reap these benefits with affordable and flexible standardized designs.

What Are Prefabricated Sunshade Solutions?

Prefabricated sunshade solutions — including metal canopies and awnings — are assembled off-site with standardized components. They come in various styles to suit a range of purposes and architectures. Some examples of prefab canopy styles include:

  • Cantilevered: These flexible solutions don’t require hanger supports, making them especially versatile.
  • Hanger rod-supported: Hanger rod canopies connect the top of an aluminum canopy to the building. They work well in many designs and finishes, including door awnings.
  • Vertical aluminum sunshades: Vertical sunshades hang down from the side of a building, offering a clean, modern approach to shading.

Regardless of style, a prefabricated solution is typically more cost-effective but still high in quality. The ready-to-use design works well with most standard architectures. The flexibility of prefab aluminum awning solutions allows contractors to use them in many applications.

What Are the Benefits of Prefabricated Canopies?

From energy savings to visitor satisfaction, prefabricated architectural canopies and other sunshade solutions can help business owners and contractors reap a range of benefits.

1. Attractive Shading

Prefab sunshade solutions can keep occupants cool and comfortable, whether entering a doorway, parking a car or strolling down the sidewalk. Since prefabricated awnings and canopies come in so many styles and finishes, you can choose the best fit for nearly any architectural style.

2. Energy Efficiency

By blocking the sun’s rays, aluminum canopies can reduce the demand on a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Their use positively impacts the planet and helps building owners save money, especially during the summer months.

3. Sustainability

Aluminum is a sustainable building material that’s 100% recyclable. Plus, its shade can reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems. As contractors, architects and building owners aim to use more recyclable materials, aluminum canopies can help put the planet first.

4. Longevity

An aluminum prefabricated canopy offers long-lasting performance and corrosion resistance with minimal maintenance requirements. It can even protect a building and its interior from sun-related deterioration. Furniture and window treatments exposed to sunlight could fade or peel sooner than expected. An aluminum canopy can help them stay in good condition for longer.

5. Ease of Installation and Acquisition

Prefabricated products offer straightforward installation and minimal lead times. Plus, aluminum is lightweight and relatively easy to handle, making these canopies especially simple to work with once they’re on-site.

Custom Aluminum Canopies

While prefabricated aluminum canopies will fit many applications, some unique buildings will call for something more specific. We also offer custom aluminum sunshades to fit your unique requirements. We can adjust height, outrigger shape, infill profile and more. We’ll even adjust blade angles to the solar altitude of your region for maximum performance.

A custom aluminum canopy is ideal for meeting goals related to performance, appearance or unique installation demands. Explore our sunshade designer online to see how we can help you with custom solutions.

Choose Sharchs for Your Sunshade Solutions

Not all sunshade products are created equal. When you work with Sharchs, you get American-made aluminum canopies designed with decades of experience. With unparalleled customer service, short lead times and affordable pricing, we’re a trusted source for prefabricated and custom sunshades for all types of buildings.

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