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Parking Cover Structures

Keep cars cool in the summer and ice-free in the winter with dependable aluminum parking canopies. Shop prefabricated and custom parking sunshades with Sharchs!

Parking Cover Structures | Metal Canopies

No one likes returning to their car after a long day only to get burned by the metal or start wiping away a foot of snow. Covered parking structures can solve those problems, providing cool shade and protection from the elements. Various facilities, such as businesses, local governments and apartment complexes, can use these structures to improve the experience for their guests and draw more people to an area.

What Are Prefabricated Parking Sunshade Solutions?

A parking sunshade provides a roof-like covering for multiple cars or equipment and is typically free-standing. A prefabricated parking canopy comes ready to assemble with standardized components, making it easy to install in most parking areas.

You’ll find prefab parking canopies used in many different settings, such as:

  • Apartment complexes: These covered carports provide a great middle ground between parking garages and open parking lots, offering a valuable amenity for residents without high costs.
  • Office buildings: Office buildings and business campuses often benefit from covered parking canopies that make commuting easier for workers.
  • Public spaces: Local governments sometimes use parking canopies to appeal to visitors heading to parks or popular parts of town. They can make a guest’s visit much more convenient.
  • Equipment and fleet storage: Covered parking structures can also help protect fleets and infrequently used equipment, such as RVs or landscaping equipment.

What Are the Benefits of Prefabricated Parking Canopies?

The benefits of a prefab parking canopy span asset protection, business appeal and added value for tenants and guests:

  • Vehicle protection: A covered parking structure can protect vehicles from damaging weather like hail, ice and high winds. It can also keep harsh sunlight from fading a car’s upholstery. Covered parking may even help drivers and businesses save on insurance policies, making it an attractive addition for residences and fleets.
  • User comfort and convenience: Residents, employees and other users appreciate the convenience of returning to a cool car in the summer and an ice-free windshield in the winter. Covered parking is an attractive amenity that can draw people and businesses to new places.
  • Eco-friendly functionality: Some users add solar panels to the top of a parking canopy as an environmentally friendly initiative. A covered parking structure can also help limit energy consumption by keeping cars cool in the summer and reducing strain on air conditioning systems.
  • Added value: Many people will happily pay more for the benefits of covered parking. Prefabricated parking structures can help facilities increase value for residents, business tenants and other clients or guests and contribute to tenant retention.

Prefabricated parking canopies are easy to assemble and use prebuilt components to reduce costs and lead times. Here at Sharchs, we use aluminum for our parking canopies. This material is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and strong, making it an excellent option for covered parking structures that will face the elements for years to come.

Custom Parking Cover Structures

While prefab parking shade structures are versatile, an off-the-shelf solution won’t fit every application. Along with our wide selection of prefab products, we also offer custom parking sunshade solutions to match your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for a unique design or have a complicated landscape to build around, we can develop the ideal product.

Explore the possibilities with our online sunshade designer or talk to a team member to learn more about our custom fabrication capabilities.

Why Choose Sharchs?
At Sharchs, customer satisfaction comes first. All of our parking shade structures are made in America with high-grade aluminum and decades of sunshade expertise. We’re here to help at every step of the process, from engineering and selection to installation and service.

Shop our prefab parking canopies for your next carport project or reach out to a pro to learn more!