Post Supported Walkway Covers

Aluminum walkway covers blend function and beauty with an economical solution for protecting commercial properties and their visitors. Sharchs is an experienced designer and manufacturer of high-quality metal walkway canopies that deliver an excellent return on investment for many organizations.

Common Applications for Covered-Walkway Canopies

There are scores of ideal applications for Sharchs aluminum walkway canopies. Projets we’ve helped bring to fruition include:

  • Churches and worship centers
  • Schools and day care facilities
  • Hospitals and health care offices
  • Commercial headquarters and branch offices
  • Retail establishments and restaurants
  • College campus buildings and recreational areas

What Are the Benefits of Sharchs Metal Sidewalk Covers?

Our aluminum sidewalk canopies offer advantages for visitors, aesthetics, budgets and the environment.

Visitor Benefits

Metal walkway covers create a more comfortable experience for visitors when the weather is frightful. Customers, students and staff can stay dry, helping them concentrate on learning and tasks while enjoying a better experience. Canopies also help create shade during the warm months to limit sun exposure for those moving between buildings or waiting for entry.

Aesthetic Benefits

Sharchs offers multiple finishing options to customize your new canopy’s appearance. Extend your company branding or complement the existing architecture. Our visually appealing covered walkway systems can also improve property values by increasing curb appeal.

Financial Benefits

Aluminum is a durable material that resists corrosion and rust and withstands inclement weather. It doesn’t require significant maintenance to stay in excellent condition. With less frequent replacement needs, your company can save more.

Aluminum canopies are also lightweight and more affordable than steel, making them ideal for organizations with tighter budgets.

Environmental Benefits

Sharchs post-supported walkway covers offer numerous environmental benefits. When used to cover entryway spaces, these fixtures help reduce solar heat gain. Keeping your interior cooler by even a few degrees can lessen the need to crank up the air conditioning during the warmer months.

Our aluminum canopies can help provide a foundation for solar panels now or in the future. As a result, you can lower your costs even more or potentially qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications.

Why Choose Sharchs for Covered Walkway Canopies?

Sharchs is an industry leader in covered walkways systems because of our:

  • Customization options: We offer numerous finishing options and custom-design services. These capabilities enable us to meet unique, site-specific needs.
  • Transparent pricing: We strive to price competitively with products that meet budget demands. Our quotes are always transparent and inclusive.
  • Customer experience: We prioritize exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Our dedication and individualized attention set us apart from the competition.
  • Shorter lead times: The other companies often take 10 to 12 weeks for order turnaround. We’re committed to lead times of six to eight weeks.
  • Follow-through: Our team keeps the promises we make. We find a way to say “yes” and deliver on it.

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For over 25 years, Sharchs has partnered with architects, construction professionals and glaziers countrywide to provide exterior shade solutions and metal sidewalk awnings. We back our in-depth engineering knowledge, design excellence and consultative approach with domestically sourced and manufactured products.

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