What Are the Benefits of a Commercial Carport as Covered Parking?

If you ask your tenants or employees whether they want to park on an open street or secured under a carport, most people will choose the latter. The struggle of unlocking a car door in the rain or driving home in an overheated vehicle are just a few reasons why building an aluminum carport adds underappreciated value to your property.

When you build a commercial carport for your office building, apartment or rental property, you offer users benefits they didn’t even know they needed. Before you commit to building a garage, consider the many benefits of an aluminum carport waiting for you.

Protection From Harsh Elements

There are many apartment blocks and business properties that need parking for their tenants and employees. As such, cars left outside are exposed to the harsh elements that can limit their integrity and life span. Rain storms, hail, snow, sun exposure and debris strewn around by wind are just some of the many weather conditions you need to prepare for if you do not have a parking garage. Weather can damage even the most heavy-duty cars if exposed to the elements long enough.

Investing in a commercial carport for your property will protect the vehicles of your tenants and employees. Prevent paint colors from fading or interior materials from cracking by adding commercial carports to your property. Additionally, if a car has any leaks or the driver forgets to close a window, the carport will prevent any water damage to the interior of a vehicle in the event of a surprise rain shower. You also reduce the risk of health issues when you prevent a car interior from getting too heated by offering access to a cool, shady spot.

Adds Value

One of the key benefits of a carport is the value it adds to your property, as this investment can boost the sale price and benefit the new owner. If you are selling your property, you can likely settle for a higher price with this versatile feature than you would without a carport.

A commercial carport also attracts renters who are looking for this added feature before committing to a property. They may be willing to agree to more favorable terms since they won’t have to worry about the hassle of constructing a carport for the building themselves. This return on investment (ROI) allows you to regain the money spent to build the carport while offering secure parking to your renters.

Increased Appeal for Your Property

When renting an office space or apartment in a commercial area, you need a unique selling point that will appeal to potential renters and buyers. At times, garages offer limited parking space which only a select few can use. Commercial carports allow you to customize your covered parking to your property. Without a garage or covering to protect and secure vehicles, your building may lose potential renters or buyers to other properties.

Offering sustainable commercial carports is also a great way to appeal to renters and tenants. Aluminum carports are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, and their construction causes less disruption than building a concrete parking garage.

Stylish Design Options

If you have a specific look in mind that you want to achieve, commercial aluminum carports can help turn your idea into a stylish yet versatile work of art. It offers many design options to fit modern, minimalistic aesthetics and add to your property’s curb appeal. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a stylish design and durable covering.

Each client has specific preferences and tastes. Custom carports give you the freedom to choose a unique design that fits your budget and style. Wondering how long it will take to get a custom-made commercial carport of your own? Well, you’re in luck — aluminum carports take less time to install and will not affect the integrity of your property.

Minimal Maintenence

Did you know that a garage needs a lot of maintenance? With many tenants and renters using it on a daily basis, an enclosed garage can suffer damages that are not only time-consuming to fix but also costly. Adding commercial aluminum carports to your property can reduce the time and money you spend on maintenance for your property.

Aluminium is a cost-effective material that requires minimal maintenance. The durability of the material ensures that it is long-lasting and does not necessitate upkeep. As aluminum does not corrode or rust over time, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t need to replace it every few years.

When you want to wash away any dirt, a light rinse with some water is all you need. If necessary, you can also use a mild detergent and water solution to wash the carport — just remember to avoid using abrasive cleaning material. This simple maintenance will allow your carport to look brand new for years to come.

Solar Panel Possibilities

Use harsh weather and sun exposure to your advantage by installing solar panels on your commercial carport. This allows you to generate renewable energy for you, your tenants and renters. Energy bills can rake up a pretty penny for large properties and buildings. Using solar panels is a great way to reduce the cost of your energy bills by using a sustainable option.

Furthermore, installing solar panels can come with benefits like tax credits. The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) provides incentives for residential and commercial property owners to install and use solar systems. Installing solar panels on your aluminum carport can expand your available surface area to take advantage of this tax credit.

Adding solar panels is also a great way to add value and appeal to tenants and business owners. If your area experiences any power cuts, solar energy will provide backup power. Your tenants can use their appliances and lights and renters can continue business as usual.

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